Have You Tried Minecraft 3D Anaglyph Mode?

Many, even avid fans, the game are not aware there is a Minecraft 3D Anaglyph mode of play. You can activate it by going to your options, then video settings, and clicking 3D anaglyph to “on”, then going back to the game. You will notice the blue and red shadowing of objects. What’s all that about?

That’s how 3D anaglyph works in Minecraft, just like any other 3D you are familiar with. By putting these two different colored shadows overlayed on the objects, which match the color of each lens on our limited edition Minecraft inspired 3D anaglyph glasses, each eye can only see the original object and the colored shadow overlay that is the opposite color of the lens tint of that eye.

What this does is make it appear that each eye is seeing the object from a different point of view, which gives it depth, hence, making it 3D! Your eyes already do work like this and you probably never thought about it. Your eyes are spaced just far apart enough to see things from a slightly different perspective from each other, which gives you a gauge as to how far away something is. So the 2D screen coupled with the Minecraft 3D Anaglyph glasses is designed to artificially replicate this same process.

Enough of the technicalities; how about playing? What this translates into for you is literally a new dimension to playing Minecraft. Everything will jump out at you! This makes Survival mode particularly exciting. You thought the mobs were troublesome before, but now, they may just be downright scary! I mean yeah it’s just a blocky monster, but now that blocky monster is coming at YOU!

More good news is that Notch, the nickname for the game creator, has made an official statement that he intends to improve the Minecraft 3D Anaglyph mode of the game. You better believe that we will be watching closely, and we will deliver a full report! We will also make sure the limited edition Minecraft 3D Anaglyph glasses are up to the challenge as well.

If you haven’t tried Minecraft 3D anaglyph before, give it a go; some people try it once in a while as a novelty, others love it so much it’s their main mode of playing! The only catch is you need the right pair of 3D glasses to make it all come together, and that’s why we’re here. I’ve heard stories of players going to great lengths to get a pair of the right 3D glasses to play the game this way, but we have a much simpler, usually cheaper, and always cooler, solution.

Pick up a pair of limited edition Minecraft 3D Anaglyph glasses with custom printed, Minecraft inspired graphics!

Minecraft 3d anaglyhic glasses

MC 3D Glasses

Special Limited Edition (2 Pack)

  • 2 Pairs Per Order
  • Red/Cyan Lenses
  • PET Lens Material
  • Theater Style 3D Glasses
  • size:405*37mm
  • 2*250 grams
  • 0.16-0.18mm lens thickness
+ Tax/Shipping

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