Playing Games like minecraft with 3D Glasses

I bet many of you didn’t know there was a fully functional Minecraft 3D option in the video settings, did ya? Well it’s time to put your minecraft 3d glasses on, lean back in a chair, and let papa tell you some stories.

I can still reflect back on my own experience when my oldest brother came home one day after work with a big box and a smirk on his face showing how pleased he was with himself. He had just bought the new Nintendo game system. Yes, the original one. When it was brand new. Yes, I’m old, but I wasn’t then. Let me tell you whipper snappers all about it.

Mario was great and all, but what really got me excited was the racing game, Rad Racer. Back in the day, this game was some hot stuff. What took it over the edge? 3D glasses that came with the game! Granted, this was not the 3D technology of recent successes, such as Avatar, but nonetheless, it took the regular old pixely charm of old school Nintendo and infused it with quite a bit more life. It definitely bought that game more attention in the ol’ console’s game slot. There was much cartridge blowing, indeed.

So what makes this story at all relevant? It would seem that Minecraft uses a very similar 3D setting as that old game had. And let me assure you; it’s good times. Those games didn’t nearly have the 3D graphics that Minecraft did, so if you remember old stuff like Rad Racer in 3D, you are in for a treat. Because Minecraft is already a 3D game, and you’re playing it with 3D glasses. That’s like… 3D SQUARED. Or something.

The point is, this is a great, and very under-rated (in fact, most players don’t even know they can do this!) play mode that will really make some of the same old, same old of Minecraft really pop out for you and liven it up a bit. Resist the urge to dive away from your computer when a skeleton shoots an arrow at you! When the Creepers are coming, don’t get up and do a movie explosion dive out of your room to save yourself; I know the 3D in Minecraft will get you a bit, but it’s only a game, guys. Or IS IT? Yes, actually, it is just a game. So enjoy it!

Here’s the catch though; you need a pair of 3D glasses that work with the game, and not any 3D glasses will do. I saw posts on the forums where a guy was recommending buying children’s books just to get the right kind of 3D glasses that came with the book so he could use them for Minecraft! Now that’s dedication! Fortunately, you can save a lot of money, headache, and eye ache by just getting the right ones here. Ones that have been tested to make sure they are the best type for Minecraft 3D that could be found.

If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, or just want something new out of Minecraft, pick up a pair of minecraft 3d glasses get a smile on your face!

Minecraft 3d anaglyhic glasses

MC 3D Glasses

Special Limited Edition (2 Pack)

  • 2 Pairs Per Order
  • Red/Cyan Lenses
  • PET Lens Material
  • Theater Style 3D Glasses
  • size:405*37mm
  • 2*250 grams
  • 0.16-0.18mm lens thickness
+ Tax/Shipping

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