The World of Minecraft… in 3D!

I know that sounds redundant, but I needed to make sure you all got the point. Minecraft is a 3D graphics game, although the graphics are quite simple, it’s a 3D engine nonetheless. So what happens when you add 3D glasses to a 3D game? You get Minecraft 3D. You may want to borrow a pair of Depends from Gramps, cuz you may be in for a system overload.

The game has a 3D setting in the video settings, and once activated, you can play the game in 3D. But there is a catch; you need the right kind of 3D glasses to play Minecraft in 3D properly, or else it just looks like you’ve been rubbing your eyes too much, which you likely have been if you’ve been playing Minecraft for hours on end like the rest of us.

Well, you’re in luck, Sparky. The best 3D glasses you will find for Minecraft are right here at Minecraft 3D. We personally tested dozens of 3D glasses and hand selected the right model, not based on which was cheapest or held the highest profit margin, but on which one WORKS the best, like it should be!

It takes a very specific type of 3D glasses to work with Minecraft, we tested many of them to make sure the glasses we provided would give you the best experience they could, specifically for playing Minecraft.

Now, as well all know, Minecraft isn’t a graphics miracle, dawning a new era of visual beauty, but it was never meant to be. So don’t expect that you will put on these 3D glasses for Minecraft and suddenly you think you’re playing the newest Call of Duty. This is still the same cubic, pixely game you know and love. But now the cubes jump out at you, and so do the mobs! Being shot at by arrows was never so intense, and a Creeper following you, preparing to detonate, has never been so terrifying! Add some surround sound, you’re in for a real treat.

And the buildings! The structures you make will come alive with breathtaking depth. Save tickets on Lego Land; just fire up Minecraft, put on your 3D glasses, and you’re in a block land that YOU control! It’s cheap and easy to get a pair, one size fits all. Minecraft good, Minecraft 3D better! Pick up a pair and give it a chance; you’ll love it!

Minecraft 3d anaglyhic glasses

MC 3D Glasses

Special Limited Edition (2 Pack)

  • 2 Pairs Per Order
  • Red/Cyan Lenses
  • PET Lens Material
  • Theater Style 3D Glasses
  • size:405*37mm
  • 2*250 grams
  • 0.16-0.18mm lens thickness
+ Tax/Shipping

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